Welcome to the DEH Speaker Series!

The DEH Speaker Series is a membership organization hosting quarterly, livestreamed, and recorded events for companies, law firms, and non-profits. For 25 years, I've hosted these events, conducting fireside chats and conversations with best-selling authors, TED speakers, and thought leaders. Here are highlight reels of our events with recent guests to give you a sense of our content and the types of guests we attract. Our focus is on careers, workplaces, women, and inclusion. The events draw hundreds to more than 1,000 participants per quarter and we've been fortunate to have more than 35 prominent law firms sponsor these events. Here’s a 2-minute highlight reel of my interview of Valerie Jarrett to give you a sense of how the DEH Speaker Series works.

Our Archived Access membership enables you to watch select recordings of our former events with esteemed guests. Click on the topic names below to view short video clips of the archived events and get a sense of the content. Also, here's my 2 ½ Minute Sizzle Reel to learn more about how the DEH Speaker Series works.

We hope you join the DEH Speaker Series and purchase Archived Access! You can download an invoice to join the DEH Speaker Series and gain Archived Access. Click here to review highlights of what a corporate membership gets you.

Fireside Chat Interviews