“Stories stick
and inspire change.”

I love to talk.

I also love to tell stories. Stories stick and if they’re relatable, they’re more effective at inspiring change than corporate speak or platitudes.

20 years ago, I made a big shift in my story.

I was an unhappy part-time lawyer with two young sons, trying to advance to partner and also figure out that balance thing. I had a strong sense that I was not alone and that there had to be a better way. I sent out an email to a handful of women struggling with the same issues. Within days, 150 lawyers responded. That led to a brown bag lunch group that grew in ten years to a network of over 10,000 lawyers — first women, and eventually anyone who understood that the legal model was broken.

Today, I still lead that network, which has evolved into a quarterly event series featuring prominent public speakers and an exchange of ideas about what's working, what's not, and how to make things better. I also speak widely for consulting clients and in public venues in the US and abroad. My focus and expertise has broadened across industries to cover careers, workplaces, and women as well as law.

I am a change agent. Back in 2007, I conceived of the Best Law Firms for Women initiative and fueled a competition and benchmarking among law firms on women’s issues which I led in a partnership with Working Mother for a decade. In 2011, two colleagues and I co-founded a second company, Bliss Lawyers. We hire high-caliber lawyers to work as W2 employees of Bliss on temporary engagements providing expertise to clients around the country. It’s truly rewarding to go beyond talking about change to facilitate new ways to deliver legal services and for lawyers to work.

I believe my story can inform your story. Along these lines, this site provides resources for you, including:
- My quarterly DEH Speaker Series that takes place in New York and by webcast
- Venues where I am a public speaker in the US and abroad
- Popular speaking topics and articles I have authored
- Press features, video clips and highlights of my work
- My DEH network and how to join to receive links to current writings, events, press features, job opportunities, and future happenings

If you like what you see, perhaps you’ll recommend me as a speaker at an event you’re hosting or hire me for a consulting engagement where you or a colleague needs help. Most of all, I hope the information you find here will motivate you to make things better for you and those around you. I also hope you enjoy your stay, let me know what you think, and come back to visit often.

For 20 years, I’ve focused on three major areas for my public speaking:

Debbie Epstein HenryDebbie Epstein Henry

Expert, Consultant, Best-Selling Author & Public Speaker

Since the late 1990s, I've crisscrossed the globe and spoken to thousands of people who want to improve the trajectory of their careers and make their workplaces more hospitable for all employees.  I consult on careers, workplaces, women, and law, to companies, law firms and other professional service firms as well as non-profits, bar associations, law schools and individuals.  I also regularly speak at private retreats and events as well as at conferences and other public venues.

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My clients range from companies, law firms and other professional service firms as well as non-profits, bar associations and law schools. I also advise individual lawyers and professionals in industries outside of law, as well as students. Types of consulting projects include:

  • Corporate and law firm retreats and events
  • In-person trainings and presentations
  • Facilitations, workplace assessments, interviews, data analysis, reports and recommendations on women’s issues, work/life issues, redesign and efficiencies, employee satisfaction and office culture
  • Work/life policy drafting, training and implementation (flexible and reduced hours; telecommuting; parental leave; re-entry back into the profession; phase back from parental or other temporary leaves; phased retirement)
  • Surveys and analysis
  • Counseling for management and employees
  • Development and implementation of women’s and/or work/life initiatives
  • Ongoing advisement and serving as point person for employers regarding episodic work/life and women’s issues
  • Annual check-ups at firms and companies on women and work/life issues to measure and evaluate success
  • Individual coaching

"It’s truly rewarding to go beyond talking about change and instead, facilitating new ways to deliver it."

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