Do you worry that your network has gone stale? That you’ve let it lapse for too many years? Do you think you need to step up your networking – but you don’t know where to start? Do you feel you’ve exhausted your networking efforts but you haven’t had the success you want or need? If the answer is “yes” to one or more of these questions, then you need a new framework to mine your network and unearth your contacts. By getting organized, conducting outreach, applying discipline, and extending yourself generously, you can tap into your network in a way you never could have imagined. You will also help others, fi nding great reward in reconnecting with old contacts and developing new ones too. Here’s how.

Strategic networking – learning to identify, connect, and benefit your network (Debbie Epstein Henry, Chapter 6, New Directions in Legal Services, Published by ARK Conferences Ltd, a division of Wilmington plc, August 2017)