Career & Workplace Topics

Here are my most popular speaking topics.  Additionally, here are more topics I speak about relating to careers and workplaces.  I’m also happy to mix and match topics and tailor new ones.


  • Communicating with Confidence
  • Public Speaking, with Confidence
  • Blueprinting for Success: Cultivating Sponsorship, Self-Advocacy, Networking, Leadership & Flexibility
  • Developing a Healthy Appetite for Risk
  • Striking the Self-Promotion Balance
  • The ‘Ask’
  • Building Relationships & Making Your Ask a Give
  • Sponsorship: How to Become an Effective Sponsor/Protégé & What’s in it for You?
  • Leadership, Executive Presence & Communication
  • Feedback: Mastering the Get & the Give
  • The Nitty Gritty of Making Flexibility Work


  • Designing a Women's Initiative
  • Designing a Women-Friendly Employer
  • Designing a Work/Life Friendly Employer
  • What Makes a Best Law Firm for Women?
  • Designing a Best Law Department for Women
  • Navigating a Successful Parental Leave: From Disclosure to Return