Career & Workplace Topics

Here are my most popular speaking topics right now.  Additionally, here are more topics I speak about relating to careers and workplaces that may be of interest.  I’m also happy to discuss mixing and matching topics or tailoring a topic for your audience.


  • Blueprinting for Success: Developing Plans for Success in Sponsorship, Self-Promotion, Networking, Leadership & Flexibility
  • Developing a Healthy Appetite for Risk in your Career
  • Striking the Self-Promotion Balance: Demonstrating your Value Without being the Obnoxious Person in the Room
  • The ‘Ask’
  • Responsive Initiative: A Fresh Twist on Innovation
  • How to Start a Successful Business or Launch a New Career, Accidentally
  • Sponsorship: How to Become an Effective Sponsor/Sponsee & What’s in it for You?
  • Executive Presence: What is it & How do you Master it?
  • Rainmaking: Critical Qualities & Success Strategies
  • Networking Beyond the Basics
  • Business Development in a 24/7 World
  • Tricks & Techniques of Effective Public Speaking
  • Channeling Perfectionism into Greater Success & Satisfaction
  • Striving for Simultaneous Success & Sanity in a 24/7 World
  • Having it All: The Myths, Opportunities & Trade-Offs
  • The Nitty Gritty of Making Flexible Schedules Work
  • Reentry: How to Get Back to Work


  • Bridging Generational Gaps: Improving Communication, Camaraderie & Productivity in the Workforce
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Designing a Women's Initiative
  • Designing a Women-Friendly Employer
  • Designing a Work/Life Friendly Employer
  • Tomorrow’s Law Firm: Opportunities & Challenges for Women
  • The Changing Legal Landscape: Opportunities & Challenges for Women
  • What Makes a Best Law Firm for Women?
  • Designing a Best Law Department for Women
  • The Cheat Sheet on Designing a Woman-Friendly Workplace