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    About Inspiration Loves Company

    Inspiration. Engagement. Impact.  That’s the essence of this podcast. It’s about doing better and being better at life, work, and everything in between.  Join Debbie Epstein Henry, a lawyer turned speaker, author, and communication coach, as she talks with acclaimed writers, TED speakers and thought leaders.  The common thread with our guests is that they share not only lessons from their professional success and their contributions to the greater good but also how they derive meaning and purpose from their personal lives and relationships.  So, our dialogue at Inspiration Loves Company is layered, always weaving together the three dimensions of our lives – the personal, professional and community.  Welcome to the conversation: a powerful, relatable dialogue that offers insight and sparks change.

    About Me, Debbie Epstein Henry

    I had a transformative moment in my 20s when a seizure led to emergency brain surgery, only to reveal a rare – and thankfully – benign parasite.  My motto ever since? “Take smart risks.  Don’t wait until some crazy thing happens to start living the life you want.”

    I took my own advice.  Early on, I left law firm life and became an professional speaker, best-selling author, and public speaking coach.  A decade later, I co-founded a legal talent company that was acquired nine years later by Axiom, our biggest competitor and the global industry leader.  Among my professional pursuits, my favorite is to “co-inspire.”  For 25 years, I’ve done just that by interviewing fascinating thought leaders through the DEH Speaker Series.

    Inspiration Loves Company Episodes