Anxious about public speaking?
You’re not alone -- 75% of people fear public speaking.
Engage Debbie as your communication coach to make your next talk a hit.
* running meetings  * presenting to business leaders  * communicating one-on-one
* presentations  * pitches  * interviews  * awards  * intros  * toasts  * facilitations

Why Debbie?
- Presented nearly 1,000 talks in 25 years
- Hired for speaking engagements globally for 15 years
- Recognized communication expert – see her Fast Company article, 10 Smart Tips to Help Beat Your Fear of Public Speaking
- Delivers talks in a range of styles including keynotes, fireside chats, facilitations, presentations, and more
- Appears before audiences in the tens to the thousands
- Hosts the DEH Speaker Series and the Inspiration Loves Company podcast
- Coaches in professional and social venues

How Debbie Can Help?
- Shape your content
- Develop themes/stories
- Edit remarks/slides
- Provide feedback on rehearsal sessions
- Inspire communication with confidence
- Minimize anxiety/fear
- Cultivate connection with audience
- Establish pacing, eye contact, and voice modulation
- Facilitate humor and spontaneity

How to Hire Debbie?
- On retainer for companies/firms
- Group and individual coaching
- One-off engagements

Scheduling, Pricing, and Questions?
- Click here to start working with Debbie and for pricing information
- Click here for a complimentary 30-minute consult
- Click here to download a summary of Debbie's communication coaching services