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The Evolving Legal Talent Pool

August 1, 2017

Twenty years ago, a lawyer’s career path was linear and unforgiving. Particularly in the large law firm environment, the expectation was that if you wanted to succeed, you needed to stay on track. That translated to no career breaks, no alternative schedules, and no deviations from substantive practice that would make a lawyer appear anything other than committed and focused on career progression. The Evolving Legal Talent Pool (Debbie Epstein Henry, Chapter 5, New Directions in Legal Services, Published by ARK Conferences Ltd, a division of Wilmington plc, August 2017)

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Debbie Epstein Henry and Lily Ledbetter

I’m honored to have received the Anne X Alpern award in Pittsburgh

May 11, 2017

HARRISBURG (April 4, 2017) — The Pennsylvania Bar Association (PBA) Commission on Women in the Profession will present its annual Anne X. Alpern Award to Deborah Epstein Henry, a recognized expert, consultant and public speaker on women, careers and the legal profession.

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Striking the Self-Promotion Balance: Demonstrating your Value Without Being the Obnoxious One in the Room

March 21, 2017

“You know those people at the office meetings and cocktail parties who tell you how great they are. You remember those instances of people bragging and how off-putting it was. In fact, you are struck by how vivid those impressions are and how those moments stay with you.”

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