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March 30, 2022 Wednesday,12:30 PM

DEH Speaker Series Event ~ Women & Comedy with Susie Essman

Wednesday, March 30, 2022
12:30 – 1:30 pm EDT
Co-Host: King & Spalding LLP
By Live & Recorded Webcast


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TOPIC: Women & Comedy

Actress | Comedian | Author
Star | HBO, Curb Your Enthusiasm

TOPIC: Women & Comedy

TOPIC DESCRIPTION:  Susie Essman has singlehandedly revolutionized the role of women in comedy.  What better time to explore how she’s done it than during Women’s History Month?  During this fireside chat interview, Susie will regale us with stories of growing up doing stand-up in New York and what she learned as a result.  She’ll delve into the instincts she’s developed through improv for reading a room and knowing what boundaries to push and how far and she’ll link it up to how her learnings can be lessons for us.  With probing questions posed by author and workplace expert Debbie Epstein Henry, Susie will uncover the power of humor, words, timing, body language, and tone and how understanding their interplay can make us all better communicators.  She’ll also show us how comedy can help us manage in difficult times and, of course, she’ll leave us laughing!

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