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October 7, 2022 Friday,8:30 PM

The Lodge at Woodloch ~ Public Speaking Tips (for the Non-Public Speaker)

Hawley, PA Get Directions

Fear of public speaking is the number one fear that people have and it impacts up to 75% of the population. When it comes to public speaking, do you have a fear of failure, embarrassment, inadequacy, or something else? Regardless of whether it’s in a social, volunteer or professional setting, if you’re afraid to talk in a public venue, it’s interfering with your ability to project confidence, communicate, participate or run a meeting, win someone’s trust, command a room, or make a meaningful contribution. At this session, we will explore how to overcome your public speaking fears. Through interactive exercises, feedback and concrete strategies, you will learn how to more effectively convey the messages that you want and make the impressions that you hope to achieve.

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